The Danube River Gorge on the border between Serbia and Romania, also known as the  Iron Gates, is one of the most remarkable natural sights of South East Europe.

Hiking in this area is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

About Geopark

In order to protect geoheritage, concept of Geopark was developed. As an area rich with natural and cultural values, geopark approach supports sustainable economic development and promotion of those values.  Geopark aims to protect and use geological heritage in a sustainable way, and also to provide economic well-being of people who live in this area.

Geopark constantly examines, develops and applies new methods of protecting and improving geo heritage.


GeoGreben Hike

Starting point is Djerdap highway at Boljetin Hill on 230 m of altitude and it continues along the forest trail to the Greben on 192 m of altitude. Viewpoint Greben is called “the most beautiful hill in Balkan” at the Geological Congress in Budapest in 1900. It is also called a “Book of Geological History” of this part of the Danube region due to its geological value. From Greben, you can see the gorge Gospodjin Vir, the archaeological site Lepenski Vir, the mythological Treskavac in Romania and the Donjomilanovka basin…

GeoPloce Hike

Introduce yourself with geological heritage at the site Ploce / Djerdap Gorge.

Starting point is Djerdap highway at a place called Pecka Bar on 89 m of altitude. The trail leads through the most interesting and most attractive part of NP Djerdap, which owns a large number of natural rarities and values. It ends at Viewpoint Veliki Štrbac on 768 m of altitude, the highest peak of the Miroč Mountain, from which there is a view on the Danube in its narrowest part.

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Hiking stara planina

Razvojni plan osnivanja geoparka Stara planina

U poslednjoj deceniji XX veka, na Međunarodnom geološkom kongresu u Kini, u oblasti nauka o Zemlji pojavio se jedan nov pristup u izučavanju prirode, koji se pre svega oslanja na geologiju, a prožima se sa mnogim elementima ekologije i zaštite životne sredine

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